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LexisNexis® for Development Professionals

LexisNexis® for Development Professionals is a targeted Web-based solution that brings together key information resources needed to empower fund-raising initiatives: public records, news, company information and more.

In addition to the LexisNexis for Development Professionals web-based solution, LexisNexis offers advancement professional a number of unique solutions to give you advantages in donor research and successful campaign results.

The LexisNexis services at www.lexis.com offer legal professionals an unparalleled combination of comprehensive legal research and public records sources combined with cutting-edge features that maximize the power, efficiency and accuracy of the legal research process. Learn More 

Whether you need a small slice of the entire LexisNexis database, or access to everything we offer, a LexisNexis subscription through nexis.com can be tailored to fit your needs. The Nexis® service is as easy to use as the Web giving you access to the world's most comprehensive single source of news, business, and legal information. Learn More

LexisNexis® Batch Services
This solution, perfect for fundraising and alumni relations professionals, helps analyze, update and maintain large volumes of records through the largest and most comprehensive database of public and propretary information available. Learn More 



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