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LexisNexis® for Development Professionals

Lexis® Features

The LexisNexis® services at www.lexis.com offer a wide range of innovative features that help make your legal research faster and more thorough. The list below provides an overview of the most important features.

  • Validate cases with unsurpassed speed with Shepard's Citations. With at-a-glance summaries of the most important information reported for each case, Shepard's Citations, exclusively from LexisNexis, makes it easy to quickly check the validity of your cases and zero in on the information most relevant to you.
  • Identify relevant case law quickly with LexisNexis Case Summaries. They include a Procedural Posture (how the case got to the court), Overview (a brief summary of the opinion) and Outcome (what the court decided).
  • Review the most frequently used words in a case with LexisNexis Core Terms. They offer you a quick snapshot of the content based on the court's own language.
  • Find the case law and legal analysis materials you need with Lexis Search Advisor. Search Advisor enables you to browse a hierarchically structured directory of legal topics and concepts to find relevant case law, treatises, law review articles or legal news.
  • Focus on a specific area of law or jurisdiction with LexisNexis Research Tasks pages. These pages pull together the valuable resources needed for a particular practice area or jurisdiction on a single page.
  • Find documents similar to the one you are viewing with More Like. With the More Like feature, you can find cases that share LexisNexis Headnotes, similar citation patterns or passages of text that match an on-point case of interest.
  • Narrow your search results with the FOCUS feature. Use the FOCUS feature to pinpoint words within your search results-even if those words were not part of your original search request.
  • Save search results automatically with the Search History feature. Your searches and results of the past 24 hours are saved automatically under the Today's Results tab of Search History. You can revisit these results for 24 hours without incurring additional search charges.
  • Store your results anywhere with LexisNexis flexible delivery options. Have your research delivered wherever it is most convenient for you. With LexisNexis you can print, e-mail, fax or download your results. You can even import them into other LexisNexis solutions.
  • Get regular research updates with the Alert feature. Follow research issues on a monthly, weekly, business weekly or daily basis; get regular Shepard's updates on citing authorities that could potentially affect the validity of your cases; and get regular updates on court filings and other court records activity from LexisNexis CourtLink.
  • Navigate easily through the U.S. Code, state statutes, regulations, treatises and other secondary sources with Expandable Table of Contents (TOC). You can click through each level of the TOC, open and close multiple levels of the TOC, or search the TOC for specific terms.
  • Access The Wall Street Journal Online combined with the archives of the LexisNexis services. The Wall Street Journal Online in association with LexisNexis offers both daily access to Online Journal with one-step access to www.lexis.com news, business and legal resources.
  • Easily access in-depth company profiles with LexisNexis Dossier. Available to subscribers of the LexisNexis services, Dossier delivers easy-to-read profiles of nearly 35 million companies worldwide. Dossier makes it simple to view comprehensive information about a company at a glance, in a single structured portfolio that includes company news, management, financial information, patents, trademarks, SEC filings, and company information from Hoover's, Standard & Poor's and Dun & Bradstreet.

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